#1 Fan

I hear your voice
And the world goes astray
I see your face
And this place is Okay
Oh, for just a moment of your time
Oh, now, that’d be sublime!

Do you hear me?
I’m here for you
You don’t see me
I’m way in the back of the ballroom
I’ve been here since last night at nine
I was the first in the line
You made me cry more than
Anyone I’ve ever met in my whole life
You made me smile despise myself
I live for you, I wouldn’t lie
You made me love you more than I
Love myself

Corner cafe, random meeting
Is it really you there?
Scrape me off the ceiling
I’ve waited my whole life for this day
Now, I don’t know what to say
You are the sea and the sky
And I’m content to not know why
You are so great, I am so plain
I am the moth to your flame
…Wish I was good enough for you

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