Introducing: The Forum!

This is something I have been planning on making since I first started working on the website, and I finally finished it. Please join the Vorutania Forum at this link, or simply click on "Forum" in the menu.There’s still some minor tweaking of the layout that should be done, and I don’t know all of [...]

Exclusive Interview and minor changes

I just uploaded an exclusive Interview I did with Voltaire the 27nd of February 2010. You can read it at this page here at Vorutania! Also, I’ve made some minor changes to some of the sections, for example a chronological sorting of the online interviews at the interview-section and adding a link to X-Mess Detritus [...]

Lyrics & Compilations Update!

I updated the lyrics page with the new cover song A Wolf at the Door, originally a song by Radiohead. I also added the compilation to the compilations-page.You can buy the track over at iTunes, either by itself or with the complete album, or you can buy a physical version of the CD over at [...]

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