Australian Tour Date Added

I just added Voltaire’s very first Australian tour date to the live dates-section. For more information than that, check Voltaire’s Upcoming Shows-boards at MySpace.

Chimerascope Page & Facebook

I’ve added a page with an overview of Voltaire’s Chimerascope Series. You can find it as a link under "animation", or by clicking here!In addition, I’ve made a fan page for Vorutania over at Facebook. It would be aweosme if you wanted to become a fan!

DemiUrge Emesis

Voltaire’s latest animated short, DemiUrge Emesis, is having its premiere over at Small and Creepy Films! It is narrated by Danny Elfman and the soundtrack is recorded by Rasputina. – Link to Small and Creepy.Also, posted an article about the short. also wrote an article about it.

Voltaire to record a black metal album! (April Fools!)

This was [of course] an April Fool’s Day joke! If TheDemon2300 reads this – could you send me an email, and I’ll send you a small prize for being the first commenter saying that it was a joke. Thanks to the people who commented, or just read and found this silly piece of my imagination [...]

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