Country Album PRE-ORDER

Voltaire’s country-album is now up as a pre-order at! It’s $15 if you are in the USA, and $20 if you are elsewhere, and is estimated to ship sometime near the end of August.For more information about the album visit Voltaire’s MySpace Blog.


The Lyrics Section has been updated to include the lyrics to the COUNTRY DEMOS, as posted on Voltaire’s MySpace Page. If you spot errors in the lyrics, feel free to contact us about it.In other news; Voltaire’s short film DemiUrge Emesis won Best Animation at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Congratulations! This has been [...]


There’s demos of three of the tracks from the upcoming country-record, "Hate Lives in a Small Town", "When You’re Dead" and "All Women are Crazy" up on Voltaire’s MySpace Page now.

SKELANIMALS + New Song (Live)

Voltaire has redesigned one of the Skelanimals for a toyline by Toy2R. About these, Voltaire says (on Facebook: "Deady redesigns the Skelanimals! I was asked to be one of the artists to redesign the Skelanimals for this awesome line by Toy2R. I gave the job to Deady though and he made them in his image. [...]

Happy Birthday, Vorutania!

Today it is Vorutania’s first birthday! It’s been one year since the launch of the fansite, and it has grown a lot since then, both here at (We have a forum now!), and by other means like adding a Twitter Page Twitter and also a Facebook Page.Thank you so much for the comments, emails, [...]

Deady/Stitch toys ON SALE!

The Deady/Stitch toys are on sale NOW! They are $30 + shipping. (Which for the USA is $40, and for orders outside the US is $45.)You can get yours at:

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