The Lyrics to Normal for a Man, Fear and Anguish and The Vampire Club (Twilight Version) have been added to the LYRICS-section.You can also find them via the DISCOGRAPHY-page entries for Hate Lives In A Small Town and Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids.Please keep in mind that these are lyrics transcribed by Vorutania, and not [...]


I’ve updated the CD page of the Country Record, Hate Lives in a Small Town. The info includes the final tracklisting, the musicians and a new estimated shipping date and the link to where you can listen to some of the songs. As a result of the added guest musicians, the band-section has also been [...]


Voltaire’s short animated movie DemiUrge Emesis won the "Best Short Short- award from the Atlanta Horror Film Festival! I’ve added it to the Chimerascope-Page, under DemiUrge Emesis. Congratulations!


Voltaire was interviewed for KILTER Magazine’s Summer Edition. You can buy it at their website: KILTER This has been added to the Interviews-page.

"Hate Lives in a Small Town" News!

There are some news regarding Voltaire’s upcoming Country CD, Hate Lives in A Small Town. It will not be a solo acoustic record after all, but will include some other instruments. Brian Viglione of the band The Dresden Dolls will be the one who plays the drums on this album.In addition, the link to Voltaire’s [...]

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