The Chi-Chian Webseries Episode 4 Online!

To watch it, visit and click on "Begin Story" in the flash video file!

Riding a Black Unicorn – Live Preview & Chi-Chian

Voltaire played a preview/work in progress of the song "Riding a Black Unicorn" from the upcoming CD live in Montreal. You can view the clip on YouTube, uploaded by YouTube user Mumusthereal. Additionally, Chi-Chian: The Webseries Episode 3 is viewable on!

New Photos and "Riding a Black Unicorn" Sub-Page

Voltaire has done a photoshoot with photographer Jennifer Tzar. The images were shot at the Bourgeois Pig in NYC, and you can see a few of them in Voltaire’s Facebook Photo Album.In addition, there’s been added a page for the upcoming CD, "Riding a Black Unicorn", here at Vorutania. You can find that here, or [...]

The Chi-Chian Webseries Episode 2 Online!

To watch it, visit and click on "Begin Story" in the lower right corner of the flash video file. You can also click around on the various names in the menu to find out more about the world of Chi-Chian.

Voltaire on America’s Got Talent

Voltaire has recorded and sent in a video audition tape for the 2011 season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He hopes this will help him get known to a more mainstream audience and give him a lot of new fans.Edit: This was, of course, an April Fool’s Day Joke!

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