Odokuro Excerpt

Voltaire uploaded an excerpt from Odokuro to his YouTube-channel:

The Oddz’ "SellOut"-single – Digital Download

You can now buy the "SellOut"-Maxi Single that Voltaire released with his side-project band in 2006 as a digital download on CD Baby. Tracklist:1. Sellout (Lost Album Version) 2. Girlfriend (Lost Album Version) 3. Medicated Girl’s Brigade (Demo) 4. Girlfriend (Acoustic Version) 5. Sellout (Acoustic Version) 6. Sellout (Radio Edit)According to the album description, the [...]

Artbeat Voltaire – Indirect Communication

This news is A BIT late, but here’s a synth pop/techno track Voltaire did with a German group (Artbeat). It’s called "Indirect Communication", and is apparently from 1993: "It is what it is…. a Goth guy in the early nineties (that’s me!) met up with some Techno producers in Germany and this, for better or [...]

Live Dates Added

The tour dates for Voltaire’s upcoming [US] tour with Hellblinki and This Way to the Egress has been added to the Live-page.

Culture Asylum Magazine Interview

There’s an upcoming interview with Voltaire in the September/October-issue of Culture Asylum Magazine. You can get the magazine on the link. The info has been added to the interviews-page.

"Straight Razor Cabaret" lyrics added!

The lyrics to "The Straight Razor Cabaret" has been added to the Lyrics-page, as well as the Riding a Black Unicorn CD-page. Thanks to Ravyn on the Vorutania Forum for the transcription help!

"Riding a Black Unicorn" Lyrics + Chimerascope Page Update!

The page for Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children and the Lyrics-Page has been updated to include lyrics for the songs The Dirtiest Song that Ain’t, When the Circus Came to Town, Innocent and Riding a Black Unicorn. [...]

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