Voltaire Noose-letter April 2012!

Voltaire has uploaded a new Noose-letter vlog to his YouTube-page: News from this Newsletter-video: – Some talk of the Bunnypocalypse-toys, which are still available on Voltaire.net. – There will be a glow-in-the-Dark Bunny released soon, a new toy in the Bunnypocalypse-line. – A mention of the Riding a Black Unicorn Instrumental/Karaoke Album. – The Cave [...]

MonsterPants Radio & Riding A Black Unicorn Instrumentals

Voltaire will be on MonsterPants Radio today at 3pm EST / Noon PST. (Which is 8PM GMT.) The Riding a Black Unicorn instrumental/karaoke album is now available for download over at CDBaby! It has all the songs available as instrumentals and as karaoke tracks + Riding a Black Unicorn as an instrumental without the sound [...]

The Devil’s Bris Anniversary Edition & Jersey Devil

The anniversary edition of The Devil’s Bris, called The Devil’s Bar Mitzva, is now available on Projekt Records! The tracklist is the same, but the new version is a digipak and comes with a sticker and a signed art card! There is also a rumour that the album will also be released on vinyl later [...]


Voltaire uploaded a new song called “Bunnypocalypse” to his YouTube-channel. The lyrics have been added to the lyrics-section. And a reminder, Voltaire will be appearing on the game AdventureQuest Worlds this Friday, the 13th of April.

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