Site Updates + BiTrektual Logo Contest

Vorutania has been updated! There is now a page for The Cave Canem Demos, which has also been added to the Discography overview page. The lyrics to “Life” has been transcribed and added. The page for The Call of the Jersey Devil has been updated, as has the pages for BiTrektual and the Interviews-page. —- [...]

Cave Canem Demos + BiTrektual Updates

The Cave Canem-demos are now available as a digital download over at! The songs included are: When You’re Evil, Anniversary, Ex-Lover’s Lover, Underground, All the Way Down, Life and Ravens Land. – Voltaire has, according to his Facebook Page, also started recording the demos for the upcoming album, BiTrektual. There will probably be ten [...]

“It’s Bigger on the Inside” Live

Voltaire premiered a new song about Doctor Who on Steampunk’s World Fair, and you can hear it in this YouTube-video: (Edited September 2012: Added Live in the Lair version instead.) 

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