A lot of news: A possible Devil’s Bris Vinyl, Deady toys, BiTrektual, Karaoke CDs, Demo releases and more!

The Devil’s Bris is possibly going to be released on Vinyl.

Voltaire said in this tweet that “There is talk of releasing The Devils’ Bris (1998) on vinyl around Halloween.” (Thanks to Matt Perron for the tip!)

Voltaire’s newest Deady Custom toy, a collaboration with Disney and Play Imaginative in Singapore can be viewed on Voltaire’s Website.

Site updates

There are now pages for BiTrektual and Call of the Jersey Devil on Vorutania. The menu has been updated so that there is now a drop-down menu for Voltaire’s written things seperately from the rest of the Art.

Release dates list

Voltaire uploaded a huge list of his upcoming projects to his website. The list mentioned the following releases:

- Karaoke versions of his albums Riding a Black Unicorn and Hate Lives in a Small Town. Both will be digital.
- A digital release of an old demo cassette he released around 1995 when his artist name was Cave Canem. (Latin for “Beware of the Dog”) A possible (not confirmed) tracklist of the demo is:

- Nothing Is
- Ravens Land
- Life

Found in this photo album on his Facebook. There may be more songs on the digital release.

- More toys! “Deady Bunny”, “Sleezter Bunny”, “Death Bunny” and “Sleezter Deady” will be released by Toy2R around Easter. Two of the designs can be viewed at the Deady Website.

- Another AdventureQuest Live Event, on Friday the 13th of April. The theme of the event will be “Bunnypocolypse”.- BiTrektual’s release date will be sometime late summer of 2012.

- The re-release of the Chi-Chian-comics in graphic novel format will be sometime this year. It is currently being coloured.

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