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- Instrumental versions of the songs on Riding a Black Unicorn may be released at some point, although any more information like format about it is unknown. Karaoke was mentioned, though! (Source)- Voltaire has uploaded more vlogs, including a few "How to Play"-videos. So far the songs Ex Lover’s Lover and Ravens Land have been covered. Other videos include a chat with Gopal Metro of Bella Morte and Ask Voltaire: Episode 1. – To send in your questions for new Ask Voltaire-vlogs, you can go to Voltaire’s website.- To The Bottom of the Sea has been uploaded in full to The Lair of Voltaire YouTube-Page, including a video introducing the album and three "about these songs"-videos. Click here for the specific playlist. – There is a repackaging of The Devil’s Bris in the works. Perhaps it is the belated Anniversary Edition, talked about in the Vorutania & Voltaire Interview from 2010? (Source)- A Deady Bunny-toy is planned for a possible Easter 2012 release. (Source)- Voltaire is considering releasing an album of his Star Trek/Star Wars-songs named "BiTrektual". (Source) – He has also written a few new songs which seem like they would fit right in on the possible album: "Docking Bay 94", "The Trouble with Tribbles", "BiTrektual", with lyrics snippet from the songs: – "Come on let’s not fight and get all intellectual, why don’t we join sides and be bi-trekual!" (BiTrektual, Source) – "They’re fuzzy and they’re cute but I can never find the hole!" (Trouble with Tribbles, Source) – Docking Bay 94, that’s where we’re gonna meet and they’ll take me, take me, off of Tattoine. ‘Cause my family is gone and there’s nothing left for me on this barren wasteland, stuck in the dune sea." (Docking Bay 94, sources are here and here.)- Voltaire was on AdventureQuest Worlds on Friday the 13th. You can still play the adventure on aq.com. There are also design notes available with a little behind-the-scenes info here. The event page is here.

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