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Voltaire first started out as an animator at the age of ten, when he started teaching himself stop-motion animation using a Super 8mm Camera. The inspiration came from watching animated monsters like the ones from the Ray Harryhausen-films.

He got his first job as an animator at the age of seventeen, animating a commercial for Parker Brothers. Since then he’s been making a great number of commercials for various companies.
In 1998, he got his first directing job. The job was making a classic MTV ID for MTV-Bosch. Since then he’s directed and animated commercials and station IDs for such clients as British Nights, Cartoon Network, MTV and the Sci Fi Channel.

In 1997, after aligning himself with Circus Maximus (A “Cutting-Edge, East Village-based production company in New York”) Voltaire also did some Live Action filmmaking. He directed a series of five spots for College Television Network.

More recently, Voltaire is working on animated shorts based on the work he did for MTV in the 80s, small videos narrated by a singer. They are called the Chimerascope Series, and currently consist of five short movies: Transrexia, Rakthavira, X-Mess Detirus, DemiUrge Emesis and Odokuro. The last on the list is currently making festival rounds.

They are collected in a playlist on his YouTube-account, and you can watch them here. The series also have their own page on Vorutania, which has additional information about each film including voice actors and awards.

In addition, Voltaire also teaches Stop-Motion animation at the New York School of Visual Arts.

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