Cave Canem Demos + BiTrektual Updates

The Cave Canem-demos are now available as a digital download over at!

The songs included are:
When You’re Evil, Anniversary, Ex-Lover’s Lover, Underground, All the Way Down, Life and Ravens Land.

Voltaire has, according to his Facebook Page, also started recording the demos for the upcoming album, BiTrektual. There will probably be ten songs on the album, and it will include: Screw The Okampa (I Wanna Go Home), Worf’s Revenge, The Sexy Data Tango, The USS Make Shit Up, Docking Bay 94, The Trouble with Tribbles, BiTrektual and the Doctor Who-song “It’s Bigger on the Inside”. It will also probably include Cantina.

The songs from Banned on Vulcan are being re-recorded with a full band and The USS Make Shit Up will include two new verses from the previous studio release. (The first of the new verses is about Star Trek: Enterprise and can be heard on the Live! album, the second is about the 2009 movie reboot.)Voltaire hopes he will get it done in time for Dragon*CON, which is held August 31 – September 3, 2012.

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