The Chi-Chian Roleplaying Game was released in 2003.


Based on the Chi-Chian comic book series and subsequent animated web series on, this book allows you to create your own characters and Chi-Chian adventures. Packed with countless illustrations from the comic book series and photos from the animated series, this RPG doubles as the official bible of the Chi-Chian universe! A MUST HAVE for any Chi-Chian fan!

Set in Voltaire’s fantastic 31st Century New York City, where giant worms offer a clean form of public transportation, and New Jersey is an armed and deadly enemy, players explore the political and spiritual tensions among the City’s dwellers– or simply kick some righteous ass. Undo the evils of those corrupt religious creeps, the Patahn Pahrr; explore life with sentient insects like the cultured Cockroaches and the nefarious Caterpillers; hobnob with outsiders like teddybear scientist Dr. Yoshimoto and Chi-Chian herself.

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