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“Why can’t people just be nice?”
Chi-Chian is a character created by Voltaire, who first appeared in a 1997 comic book series with her name on it. She has since appeared in several other forms, among them a web-series by the SciFi Channel.



Chi-Chian #1
Chi-Chian #2
Chi-Chian #3
Chi-Chian #4
Chi-Chian #5
Chi-Chian #6


The Webseries

Chi-Chian appeared in a 14-episode webseries named “The Black Seed” on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2000 that Voltaire wrote and directed. It is a mix between stop-motion animation and flash animation, and the main character is voiced by Bai Ling.

Voltaire has uploaded all of the episodes of the webseries to his website. Click here to view the prologue and find the rest in the menu section.


The Role Playing Game

Chi-Chian also appeared in a book/dungeons and dragons-esque version role playing game released by Aetherco. This description is found on

“Set in Voltaire’s fantastic 31st Century New York City, where giant worms offer a clean form of public transportation, and New Jersey is an armed and deadly enemy, players explore the political and spiritual tensions among the City’s dwellers– or simply kick some righteous ass. Undo the evils of those corrupt religious creeps, the Patahn Pahrr; explore life with sentient insects like the cultured Cockroaches and the nefarious Caterpillers; hobnob with outsiders like teddybear scientist Dr. Yoshimoto and Chi-Chian herself. Freaks arise!”

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