The Chimerascope series is a series of short animated movies based on the work Voltaire did for MTV back in the 1980s. The movies have some features in common. As Voltaire himself puts it on his YouTube account:

“They are each about a minute long, animated in stop-motion animation and narrated by a singer. Moreover they each have a title that sounds like it could be a disease of some sort. These films have a dreamlike quality. The are intentionally short to give the viewer just enough time to take them in, but not enough time to truly examine every detail. The goal is to recreate the feeling a dreamer has upon awakening, when the dream is fresh in their minds but quickly fading. There is the sense that one has seen something fantastic, but one struggles to remember the details. The process employed in making the films is also tied to the surreal, allowing the animation itself to take shape in a stream of consciousness. Often, key plot points are conceived of on the spot, in the delirium of sleeplessness, in the wee hours of the morning after animating for hours. And lastly, the narration, unlike in most films, are written after the film is finished. It is based on what the visuals subconsciously suggest.”





Screenshot from "Transrexia"

General Info:
– The film was narrated by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs.

Awards Won:
– Best Experimental Animation, Dragon*Con Film Festival
– Best Short Short, Atlanta Underground Film Festival
– Honorable Mention, Twin Rivers Media Festival
– Best film pound for pound, Daggers Horror Short festival, NYC
– Best Fantasy Short, Terror Film Festival, Philadelphia

Watch it at Voltaire’s YouTube Channel.



A screenshot from "Rakthavira"


General Info:
– The film was narrated by Deborah Harry of Blondie.
– The film was shot around 1993 at Broadcast Arts.
– The director of photography was John R.A. Benson.
– The first panoramic shot was originally 30 seconds long and took 96 consecutive hours to shoot.

Watch it at Voltaire’s YouTube Channel.



A screenshot from "X-Mess Detritus"


General Info:
– The film was narrated by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.
– The film was created for the Creepy Christmas Film Festival 2008.
– The man behind music and sound design for this film was Amar Ibrahim.

Awards Won:
– After Dark Honorable Mention, South Beach International Animation Festival
– First Place Animated Short-short, Dragon*Con Film Festival
– Best Short-short, Atlanta Underground Film Festival
– Best Fantasy Short Film, Terror Film Festival

Watch it at Voltaire’s YouTube Channel.



A screenshot from "DemiUrge Emesis"


General Info:
– The film was narrated by Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo.
– The score was written by Voltaire and performed by Rasputina and Voltaire.
– The film premiered at on the 01st of April 2010.
– The sound design for the film was done by Grahan Reznick.
– The director of photography was Daniel Sollinger.

Awards Won:
– Best Animation, Seattle True Independent Film Festival
– Best Experimental Animation, The Indie Gathering
– 2nd Quarter: Animated Film, Famous Monsters of Filmland.
– Best Short Short, Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2010.
– Fear no Filmmaker Award, Fear No Film Festival.
– Best Experimental Film, Chicago Horro Film Festival.
– Best Independent Animation, Independent’s Film Festival.
– Best Animation, Arizona Underground Film Festival.

Watch it at Voltaire’s YouTube Channel.



A screenshot from "Odokuro"


General Info:
– Is a movie about a monkey rat skeleton.
Gregory Hinde has composed the music for it.
– Photos of the process of making the short has been posted to Voltaire’s Facebook Account.
– A snippet of it can be seen in the opening sequence for Tales from Behind the Pale. (You can view it on Voltaire’s YouTube Account.)
– Voltaire considers to make two versions of the short: one in English and one in Japanese. (Source)
– It is narrated by Gary Numan.
– The movie was finished on the third of August 2011, and it premièred on the fifth of August 2011 at the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival.

Awards Won:
–  Best Animated (Practical), Fright Night Film Festival (Louisville, Kentucky)
– Jury Award (MENCIÓN ESPECIAL DEL JURADO), Macabro Film Festival (Mexico City)
– Best Animated Surrealism, Dragon*CON Film Festival
– Best Animated Film, Dragon*CON Film Festival
– Best Animated Sci-Fi Short, Atlanta Horror Film Festival
– Best Animated Film, Coney Island Film Festival
– Best Independent Animation, The Independents’ Film Festival

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