Coin-Operated Goi

Coin operated goi, scary but it’s true,
he is not a Jew. He won’t dance the
horah, won’t light the menorah, and
it’s not a lie, he ain’t even
circumcised. Oi! Coin operated goi.

I’m not so sure that he’s kosher
dispite what is in the brochure.
Everything he eats is wrapped in ham.
Plus he tried to pork me in the can.
I should go and ask my Rabbi if it’s a
sin if he and I do it through a small
hole in the sheet. Just big enough to
slip my kosher meat. Groin
mastricated joy, oh boy!

Coin operated goi, can’t hang
with the Moyles, he ain’t got the curls. I
say we convert him It ain’t gonna
hurt him. Well, maybe down below.
He will have to undergo a groin
operation ploy.
His bris we’ll preform to make his
schmuck deformed. The Moyle gets a
dollar if he makes him holler. To
make his scmuck more slim, we’ll
chop off his foreskin! Give it to the
waiter. He’ll bless it for seder. We’ll
nosh on it later. Oh, I want a, I want
a, I want a, I want a… for Rosh
hashanah. A coin operated goi, oh

Coin operated goi. Scary but it’s true,
he was not a Jew. But honestly, no
schitzvah, he had a Bar Mitzvah. Now
he’s a kosher too. He’s just like me and
you, a coin operated Jew!

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