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Cute on the outside, naughty on the inside!

Deady is a character designed by Voltaire. Deady is the galaxy’s greatest evil, and he has escaped confinement from his home planet. To hide, he possesses a teddybear on Earth. That’s why he’s so cute.



There’s so far been released four issues of the Deady-comics, and one book with issues 1-3:
Deady: The Malevolent Teddy
Deady: The Terrible Teddy
Deady: The Evil Teddy
The Book of Deady – A Collection of Books 1-3
Deady: Big in Japan

A lot of different artists and writers have contributed to the Deady-series. Some examples are Roman Dirge, Clive Barker, Maxwell Atoms and Neil Gaiman.



Voltaire has made a lot of toys with the Deady-design. Examples are: a Deady 14-Inch Plushie, a Deady 8-Inch Quee, a Deady/Stitch toy and a Deady “Not Bootleg” Backpack Toy.



Deady also has his very own flash-game. It was made by Artrix Entertainment. You can play it here.

Deady and Voltaire has also appeared as in-game characters in Artix Entertainment’s MMORPG game AdventureQuest Worlds.

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