What’s Voltaire’s real name?
- Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez.

Which religion do Voltaire believe in, if any?
- According to his Facebook profile, Voltaire is an agnostic.

Have or will Voltaire release(d) any music Videos?
- YES, he has and he will!

He’s actually filmed two of them, one for “Ex-Lover’s Lover”, currently not released and one for “Happy Birthday, My Olde Friend”.
The video for “Happy Birthday, My Olde Friend” has been released on Voltaire’s YouTube-account.

He has also (partly) filmed a video for “Ex-Lover’s Lover”, which has no set release date.

Have or will Voltaire release(d) any vinyls?
- There is currently no plans of that, although Voltaire has stated that he’d release a vinyl for The Oddz if given the chance because he thinks that people who listen to music of that genre are more likely to buy vinyls than the people who’s listening to his solo stuff.

Why aren’t the lyrics for “If I Only Were a Goth” listed at the site?
- “If I Only Were a Goth” is not a song by Voltaire. It’s a song by the band ThouShaltNot, released on their cd You’ll Wake Up Yesterday.

Where are the lyrics for “Goth Queen”?
- “Goth Queen” is not a Voltaire song, but it is a frequent mislabelling of Voltaire’s song “Ravens Land“.

How about the lyrics for “The Vagina Song”?
- “The Vagina Song” is a song by a band called Pig Vomit, released on their self-titled album. (With the title “Vagina”.) It is frequently attributed to a great number of other musicians like Weird Al Yankovic, The Bloodhound Gang, Monty Python and, of course, Voltaire.

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