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This is a section for people who are new to Voltaire’s music and other projects. Some people might be googling him because they read about him somewhere, and happened to stumble upon Vorutania. So Vorutania has now a short bio (because nobody bothers to read those long ones), some recommended tracks and similar. Enjoy!

a picture of Voltaire
(Image by Scott Irvine.)


Who is Voltaire?

Voltaire is a musician, animator, writer, comic book artist, and toy designer. For the purpose of this page we are going to focus on the music.

The music Voltaire makes is hard to classify because it includes a lot of genres. The lyrics are often satirical and dark, described as gothic, while the musical aspect is linked more closely to European folk music. Often, it is just referred to as darkwave or dark cabaret. While he plays most of his live shows as a solo act, the studio albums include a band.

He released his first CD, The Devil’s Bris in 1998 on Projekt Records and has since then released nine studio albums, two singles, one live cd and two compilation CDs.


Recommended songs

Three popular tracks:
When You’re Evil   |    The Devil’s Bris   |   Listen
Riding a Black Unicorn…   |   Riding a Black Unicorn…  |   Listen
The Death (Devil Evil Song)   |   To the Bottom of the Sea   |   Listen

Three funny tracks:
The Dirtiest Song that Ain’t   |   Riding a Black Unicorn   |   Listen
Coin Operated Goi   |   To the Bottom of the Sea   |   Listen
Cantina   |   BiTrektual   |   Listen

Three serious tracks:
Sacrifice   |   Raised by Bats   |   Listen
The Churchyard   |   Hate Lives in a Small Town   |   Listen
This Sea    |   To the Bottom of the Sea   |   Listen

Three cover tracks:
Hallelujah  |   Unreleased/Heart Shaped Wound   |   Listen
Bachelor(ette)   |   Boo Hoo   |   Listen
Accordion Player   |   To the Bottom of the Sea   |   Listen

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