Gothic Homemaking

Gothic Homemaking is a webseries by Voltaire about how to best transform your mundane living situation into a bona fide Gothic Lair! It was funded through a successful IndieGoGo Campaign and you can find the episodes over on his YouTube Page. Links to the individual episodes:

Episode One – Size Matters (watch on YouTube)

In this pilot episode of Gothic Homemaking, Aurelio Voltaire begins the process of turning a tiny, New York City apartment into an elegant Gothic lair. In the process, he demonstrates how to make a “Gothic Wine Bottle Candelabra” and invites some sexy friends (and possibly a werewolf!) to a Gothic painting party. Orville does nothing… but complain.

Episode Two – Let There Be Light (watch on YouTube)

In this installment of Gothic Homemaking, Voltaire puts up ornate ceiling tiles, lays down a sleek new floor, then goes in search of the perfect Gothic chandelier for the Lair! He also demonstrates how to make a “Cemetery Lamppost” from an inexpensive floor lamp from Home Depot. He gets help along the way from a freezer nymph and mad scientist, Dr. Frankenweiner. Orville, as usual, is of no help at all!

Episode Three – A Shame of Thrones Part One (watch on YouTube)

Distraught by just how terrible their furniture is, Orville and Voltaire embark on finding Gothic thrones worthy of the Gothic Homemaking hosts they are. All goes well until… ZOMBIES! Then, Aurelio Voltaire finds a way to make gray walls more interesting with help from another realm. Orville, as usual, is of no help at all!

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