Heart Shaped Wound

Heart Shaped Wound is an upcoming album from Voltaire, planned for release in September 2017 on Projekt Records. There’s a few snippets of a couple of the songs on Voltaire’s Instagram, and you can listen to quite a few previews if you donate to his Patreon! There’s also a full album preview on his YouTube account.

Tracks that will be on the album: 
– The Projectionist
– Human Nature
– Butterfly (Scarlet Sails Cover)
– In Disguise
– Hurt the Ones Who’ve Hurt You
– Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
– The Folly of Love
– A Romantic Guy

Songs written that may or may not make it on the album: 
Leaves in the Stream, The Necropolis of Former Lovers

Artists that will contribute on the album: 
Brian Viglione (drums) and Olya Viglione (piano/keyboard)

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