Huge Update

Wow, wow, wow. Sorry for not updating AT ALL in the last, well, let’s say two years. Can’t promise the updates will become more regular from this point on either, but let’s hope. Apologies out of the way, here’s what’s new:

– Added the lyrics to Raised by Bats that were missing: Oh My Goth, The Masquerade, The Devil and Mr Jones, Sacrifice, Wake Up and Never
– An overhaul of the link pages, removing some of the dead links and adding links for Patreon and Voltaire Signal Corps!
– Added The Legend of Candy Claws
– Added Fifty Shades of Greys
– Added the upcoming Chi-Chian Novel
– Updated the Bibliography section and tweaked several of the sub pages.
– Added a Filmography page for Voltaire’s acting
– Added Gothic Homemaking
– Overhauled the For New Listeners page, adding actual links.
– Added a page for the upcoming album Heart Shaped Wound

As always, feel free to send a line on Facebook if you have something to contribute! (Lyrics, edits, suggestions, etc, are all welcome.)

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