Humans Suck Volume 2 was released in 2000.


Gothic Extraterrestrial, Heironymous Posche and the gang are transported to a parallel universe where the films of Ray Harryhausen come to life.
That’s right, it’s “The Stupid Voyage of Sinbad” as Posche and company travel to a mysterious island to do battle with some really silly monsters made of wire and foam rubber.

See the DieClops! a suicidal behemoth that poses no threat to anyone, Experiencethe GothRoc! a giant two headed bird from the 80’s, Thrill at the marvels of StuperDieNamation! a really fancy name for playing with dolls, and watch in horror as Voltaire pays “tribute” to his hero, stop-motion God, Ray Harryhausen. ( hey, ridicule is the greatest form of flattery, right?)
Damn near EVERY monster ever animated by Harryhausen is in this book! (Except, like, wearing vinyl underwear and stuff.)

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