This is a collection of the interviews Voltaire has done, both online and on paper. Please note that some of the interviews on paper may be out of print and that some of the online interviews may have been removed from the website. If you find a broken link or know of any links I haven’t posted, please email me and tell me about it.


VORUTANIA February 2010 Interview.


ProjektList. Interview.
Movement Magazine. Interview.
Sequential Tart. Interview. Interview.
COMA Music Magazine: [Written] [Audio]. Interview. Interview.
Vorutania Exclusive Interview.
Redstone Science Fiction.
LA Weekly.
Radio Dead Air.
COMA Music Magazine.
Fan to Pro
Inside Pulse
El Investigador – Issue 8 (Spanish, Online Magazine)
SLUG Magazine
Darkest Radio Episode #78
Darkest Jack Episode #39
BoneBat Show: Episode #88
Lost in a Good Book

In the Press:

Gothic Beauty, Issue #34
Gothic Beauty, Issue #24 
Gothic Beauty, Issue #16
Steampunk Magazine Issue #5.
VampireFreaks – VF Issue #1
Orkus Magaine – International Edition No. 03/2007 – July/August
FANGORIA, May 2007 Issue
New Witch Issue #12 (June 2006)
The Unscene Zine Issue #6
Movement Magazine (The Oddz)
Whisper Magazine (March 2010)
KILTER Magazine (Summer 2010)
Fiend Magazine Issue #22
Culture Asylum Magazine September/October 2011

Gothic Beauty, Issue #34

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