Hello Human, and welcome to VORUTANIA – A fansite for multiartist Voltaire. Today is the official launch of the website, so I hope you will take a look around. If you see any errors, typos, broken links or similar, feel free to email me using the email in the footer. So, why Voltaire do you ask? Well, it’s simple. He’s a great musician, and artist in general, and he didn’t have a fansite, even after 10 years of making music, and even more years of making other forms of art.And to be fair, I have to thank some of the people who helped me make this a reality, no matter how cheesy it is. You know who you are! Thank you so much for HTML/CSS help, input, transcriptions and all the other stuff I ever needed help with. And last but not least – Thanks to Voltaire, for being awesome enough to make a fansite for!

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