Voltaire played some new/exclusive tracks live in Salem, Massachusetts. YouTube user NikkiWraith uploaded video recordings of them. So far there is no other information about the tracks than is in the videos. For example, some of the titles might be incorrect or working titles. But here they are: "On the Road" The embedded version uploaded by YouTube user rhumob. This version lacks parts of the first verse. NikkiWraith’s upload can be found here. "Llegaron los Gorrones" "Small Town"

3 Responses to “NEW TRACKS”

  1. On the Road seemed like a rather sad song… but good. :)

  2. At the least, "The Corona Song" is wrong. A Mexican Fan corrected it. it's "Llegaron los Gorrones". Thanks for the linkage.

  3. Thanks! I just used the names on the videos, which is why said it was incorrect/working titles. :) I'll change it. Thanks again!

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