"ODOKORU"-campaign, Chi-Chian Episodes & More!

Voltaire is having an Indie GoGo-campaign to raise money for the post-production of the upcoming chimerascope film "Odokuru". You can donate money and get a DVD of his stop-motion reel or props from the movie. The donation can be found here. There’s also several new episodes of the Chi-Chian Webseries online, which you can find at the following links:- Episode 8- Episode 9- Episode 10- Episode 11Voltaire has answered a couple question in his "ASK VOLTAIRE"-column, and you can read them here. Riding A Black Unicorn Down the Side of An Erupting Volcano is currently being recorded. The drummer of the album will be Brian Viglione (the drummer from The Dresden Dolls) who also did the drums on Hate Lives in a Small Town. Voltaire has uploaded a few in-studio images on his Facebook Page.And last, but not least, you can watch a music video that Voltaire directed way back in the 80s here: Gene Marchello – First Love Voltaire says the following about it on his Facebook Page:"I directed this music video in 1988! It stars Gina Gershon, yes… Gina Gershon.. and it was on Dial MTV for a week or more in 88. I haven’t seen it in YEARS! Thanks Mikeal Palulis for the link! A true blast from the past!"

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