The Oh My Goth comics were released in 1999 by Sirius Entertainment. They’re written and illustrated by Voltaire.

South Park and The Munsters meets SNL’s “Goth Talk” in this hilarious send up of gothic silliness as pompous extraterrestrial, Heironymous Posch alludes skeletal aliens and the dark armies of Lord Beelzebub in the New York Goth scene. You’ll choke on your fake fangs and make a pee pee in your vinyl pants when you read Voltaire’s hysterical, satirical parody of teenage Goths!

Originally, in 1995, Voltaire created Oh My Goth! as a way to promote his live shows. “I was inspired by those religious tracts that feature a drawing of Bart Simpson on the cover to lure you in and somehow end up with scripture explaining why poor little Bart is going straight to Hell! I must have drawn, xeroxed, stapled, mailed and handed out thousands of those damn ashcans. I was Kinko’s best customer!”

In June of 1998, SIRIUS ENTERTAINMENT stepped in an commissioned Voltaire to create a 4 issue mini-series of his irreverent and blasphemous comic book. The Goth scene has never been the same. Ever see a Goth smile? Nuff said!

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