The Online ODOKURO Premiere!

You can now watch Voltaire’s newest animated short film, Odokuro, on his YouTube-channel!

Site Updates & Next Album Info

Vorutania has been updated with some minor fixes, including some lyric corrections and an overhaul of the Call of the Jersey Devil-page. All of the Artbeat Voltaire-songs are now (finally) also available for you to listen to on the Artbeat Voltaire-page.

Many thanks to kim Palao for helping out by pointing out errors and reporting broken links!

And in other news: Voltaire has apparently already started work on the next album!

In his own words:  “Started work in the next album today! It’s going to be a Deathrock album called “Raised by Bats.” The first song I’m working on is called The Masquerade. I wrote it when I was 17! The main instrument is…. (wait for it) Harpsichord! It brings to mind a mix of Deathrock and Visual Kei.” (via Voltaire’s Facebook)

Call of the Jersey Devil – Cover Reveal and more

The cover image for Call of the Jersey Devil has now been revealed.


There’s also a publication date: May 28th 2013
and an ISBN: 978-1-939392-00-8

And the publisher is Spence City.

Here’s the book blurb:
Five suburban mall rats and a washed up Goth singer find themselves stranded in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where they discover two horrifying truths: The Jersey Devil, hellspawn of folklore and legend, is real; and New Jersey (as many already suspected) is the gateway to Hell!

With the help of one lone witch, this small group must face off against their deepest fears and the most unholy monsters in a battle where their very souls, the world they live in, and any chance of returning to Hot Topic in one piece is at stake!

The first novel by musician and horror media personality, Aurelio Voltaire, Call of the Jersey Devil is a hilarious and terrifying homage to 80s horror and genre films. Like a mad doctor, Voltaire has Frankensteined together elements of Evil Dead, The Breakfast Club, Poltergeist, and This is Spinal Tap to create a creature feature that will have you laughing out loud when you’re not glancing nervously over your shoulder.

Voltaire Video Nooseletter October 2012!

Voltaire just uploaded the October 2012 Noose-letter to YouTube!

– Talk about BiTrektual‘s release. You can get the album at CDBaby and iTunes, among others.
– There is an alternate cover version of BiTrektual which is currently only available at shows.
Call of the Jersey Devil is being released by the book publisher Spencer Hill Press’s imprint Spence City. The book will be released worldwide in May 2013.
Odokuro is still on a festival run and has won several awards. It will be online in November once it’s finished its festival run.
– After a long delay, the Odokuro IndieGoGo-perk DVDs will be sent out very soon and should be arriving by the end of the month.
The Voltaire Webstore has BiTrektual t-shirts.
– He talks about upcoming shows, you can find them on Voltaire’s website.
– He also talks about Robin, who needs a new wheelchair. You can donate to help her get a chair and get more information on her IndieGogo page. Voltaire has given the campaign a big package of stuff for them to raffle off in order to raise more money, so if you’re interested in helping them buy a wheelchair for Robin and get an opportunity to win some rare Voltaire items at the same time you should “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

Vorutania Website & Forum Relaunch!

Vorutania is officially re-opened now!

Everything SHOULD be in working order at this point, but if you spot any broken images, broken links or other things that are generally broken, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know or even just leave a comment in the comment field below the news. 🙂

All of the old newsposts are not functional anymore, which is something that happened when they were moved from the old system to the new. This will not be fixed, but if anyone has any questions about older entries, feel free to ask about it and I’ll try to dig up sources or videos from them.

In addition to the website, there is also a NEW FORUM. The old forum got hacked and unfortunately I decided to move it to a free forum software for safety measures. All posts and old accounts got lost in this process, so if you were interested in it, you should definitively (re-)join the new forum.

The website also has added page on BiTrektual and the lyrics for the songs on the album.

And lastly, I just wanted to thank the people who’s visited the site during the move and tweaking periods for their patience. 🙂

BiTrektual Pre-Orders!

BiTrektual is now available as a pre-order on Voltaire’s website! There are several packages to choose from in different price ranges:

– A Digital Download – $5
– A physical copy – $20
– A SIGNED physical copy and a two sided poster – $40
– A drawing of you in Star Wars/Star Trek clothes inside the album, a credit in the album as an official CD sponsor and ten signed copies of the CD – $400
– A house party alternative (please check the website for more information on this one) – $3000

Site Updates + BiTrektual Logo Contest

Vorutania has been updated!

There is now a page for The Cave Canem Demos, which has also been added to the Discography overview page. The lyrics to “Life” has been transcribed and added. The page for The Call of the Jersey Devil has been updated, as has the pages for BiTrektual and the Interviews-page.


There is a BiTrektual Logo Contest going on RIGHT NOW on

Cave Canem Demos + BiTrektual Updates

The Cave Canem-demos are now available as a digital download over at!

The songs included are:
When You’re Evil, Anniversary, Ex-Lover’s Lover, Underground, All the Way Down, Life and Ravens Land.

Voltaire has, according to his Facebook Page, also started recording the demos for the upcoming album, BiTrektual. There will probably be ten songs on the album, and it will include: Screw The Okampa (I Wanna Go Home), Worf’s Revenge, The Sexy Data Tango, The USS Make Shit Up, Docking Bay 94, The Trouble with Tribbles, BiTrektual and the Doctor Who-song “It’s Bigger on the Inside”. It will also probably include Cantina.

The songs from Banned on Vulcan are being re-recorded with a full band and The USS Make Shit Up will include two new verses from the previous studio release. (The first of the new verses is about Star Trek: Enterprise and can be heard on the Live! album, the second is about the 2009 movie reboot.)Voltaire hopes he will get it done in time for Dragon*CON, which is held August 31 – September 3, 2012.

“It’s Bigger on the Inside” Live

Voltaire premiered a new song about Doctor Who on Steampunk’s World Fair, and you can hear it in this YouTube-video:

(Edited September 2012: Added Live in the Lair version instead.) 

Voltaire Noose-letter April 2012!

Voltaire has uploaded a new Noose-letter vlog to his YouTube-page:

News from this Newsletter-video:
– Some talk of the Bunnypocalypse-toys, which are still available on
– There will be a glow-in-the-Dark Bunny released soon, a new toy in the Bunnypocalypse-line.
– A mention of the Riding a Black Unicorn Instrumental/Karaoke Album.
– The Cave Canem demo cassette tape will be released sometime next week. The demo songs that will be released are: When You’re Evil Ex Lover’s Lovers Anniversary Underground Life Ravens Land
– A mention of The Devil’s Bris 13 Year Anniversary edition.
– A mention of “Paint it Black” and “What is Goth?”, which may be re-released (in paper or as an eBook) next year.
– A mention of Call of the Jersey Devil. (Visit the page for it on Vorutania here.)
– Some talk of the upcoming shows.

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