Paint it Black

Paint it Black was released in 2005 by Weiser Books.


In a world of home decorating filled with upbeat pastels and plaids, what’s a poor Goth to do? PAINT IT BLACK is the answer!

Transform the unbearably mundane into the delightfully macabre with little more than a touch of morbid curiosity and some black spray paint.

Voltaire and friends give inspiration and step-by-step instructions for enhancing any goth lifestyle:
– Make your own Goth toys – it’s all about baby doll meets electrical tape!
– Transform a plain sketchbook/journal into your very own skull-covered Book of the Dead.
– Pimp your ride Dracula-style.
– Plan your Goth wedding.
– Prepare downright frightening food.
– Turn your room into a lair.

Using simple techniques and affordable supplies, Voltaire shows how to go from normal to Goth like nobody’s buisness. A nose for the spooky and creepy will come with time and practice, and before you know it your life will be full of the romance, dark elegance, and sweet melancholy that is Goth.

Voltaire is a prominent and profilic author and artist in the Goth scene. Among his other ventures – music, comics, merchandice, website etc. – he somehow found the time to produce this follow-up to the wildly popular WHAT IS GOTH? He lives in New York City, aka Gotham, and tours extensively. Find out more about him at”

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