Riding a Black Unicorn Updates + Artbeat Voltaire-Page

A lot of updates to the site!Riding a Black Unicorn:- The ALBUM-page has been updated with more correct and relevant information.- The lyrics to the remaining songs, "The Mechanical Girl", "Cathouse Tragedy", "Don’t Go By the River" and "Oh Lord (Wake the Dead)" have been uploaded and added to the LYRICS-page. As usual, if you spot any errors, it would be great if you took the time to send them in. (Either by e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.) Special thanks to Sarah for the input on the Oh Lord (Wake the Dead)-lyrics.- The BAND-page has been updated with information about the new album. – The DISCOGRAPHY-page has had some minor updates.Artbeat Voltaire:- A page related to the old project Artbeat Voltaire has been added. – Lyrics to Artbeat Voltaire’s only song, Indirect Communication, has been added.- A flash-player with MP3s to the tracks of the Maxi Single has been added.

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