Site Updates & Next Album Info

Vorutania has been updated with some minor fixes, including some lyric corrections and an overhaul of the Call of the Jersey Devil-page. All of the Artbeat Voltaire-songs are now (finally) also available for you to listen to on the Artbeat Voltaire-page.

Many thanks to kim Palao for helping out by pointing out errors and reporting broken links!

And in other news: Voltaire has apparently already started work on the next album!

In his own words:  “Started work in the next album today! It’s going to be a Deathrock album called “Raised by Bats.” The first song I’m working on is called The Masquerade. I wrote it when I was 17! The main instrument is…. (wait for it) Harpsichord! It brings to mind a mix of Deathrock and Visual Kei.” (via Voltaire’s Facebook)

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me! First time I have my name on a website as a thank you! Never expected it when helping ^_^

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