SKELANIMALS + New Song (Live)

Voltaire has redesigned one of the Skelanimals for a toyline by Toy2R. About these, Voltaire says (on Facebook: "Deady redesigns the Skelanimals! I was asked to be one of the artists to redesign the Skelanimals for this awesome line by Toy2R. I gave the job to Deady though and he made them in his image. Series one comes out this summer which includes our Goth monkey design (as you can see in the image) and I THINK the ChungKee (bear) figure that looks like Deady himself!"View the whole collection at Toy2R’s Facebook here!There is also a live video from Voltaire playing a new song ("No one’s gonna miss you when you’re dead"?) live at NUMBERS in Houston, Texas the 8th of May here (Uploaded by user TishKitty:

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