The Oddz

The Oddz was Voltaire’s side-band project who played in a style inspired by the new wave genre of the 80s.

The Oddz

They consisted of four members:
(From left to right)
Tommy Dark (Guitars),
Mark A.D. (Bass),
Xenia (Synths),
Voltaire (Guitars and Vocals),
Glen Sorino (Drums).


They’ve released a Maxi Single named “SellOut!“. The single was a self-release, and was limited to 1000 copies. It can now be bought in a digital format on CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon Music Marketplace. There is also a song by The Oddz on the Neil Gaiman Tribute CD “Where’s Neil When You Need Him?“; the full Neil Gaiman album is available on Amazon.

A full-length CD was also in the works and might be released at some point in the future. This full-length CD didn’t have a name, but both “Girlfriend” and “Get Even” were considered.

The tracklisting to the unnamed CD as of August 2006 was: 
- Myspace Me
- Sellout
- Girlfriend
- Brand New Time
- She’s Glowing
- One Semester Lesbian
- Medicated Girls Brigade

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