Voltaire Noose-letter April 2012!

Voltaire has uploaded a new Noose-letter vlog to his YouTube-page:

News from this Newsletter-video:
– Some talk of the Bunnypocalypse-toys, which are still available on Voltaire.net.
– There will be a glow-in-the-Dark Bunny released soon, a new toy in the Bunnypocalypse-line.
– A mention of the Riding a Black Unicorn Instrumental/Karaoke Album.
– The Cave Canem demo cassette tape will be released sometime next week. The demo songs that will be released are: When You’re Evil Ex Lover’s Lovers Anniversary Underground Life Ravens Land
– A mention of The Devil’s Bris 13 Year Anniversary edition.
– A mention of “Paint it Black” and “What is Goth?”, which may be re-released (in paper or as an eBook) next year.
– A mention of Call of the Jersey Devil. (Visit the page for it on Vorutania here.)
– Some talk of the upcoming shows.

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