Voltaire to record a black metal album! (April Fools!)

This was [of course] an April Fool’s Day joke! If TheDemon2300 reads this – could you send me an email, and I’ll send you a small prize for being the first commenter saying that it was a joke. ;) Thanks to the people who commented, or just read and found this silly piece of my imagination funny. (And special thanks to Voltaire for playing along!) ———————————————————————————According to the email I got from him a few days back, Voltaire is going to put all his current projects on hold to go into the studio to record a black metal album. According to him, it will feature the same style of lyrics, but in a completely different genre. The album is due for release late 2010.

One Response to “Voltaire to record a black metal album! (April Fools!)”

  1. Debut at Dragon*Con please!!!

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