Voltaire Video Nooseletter October 2012!

Voltaire just uploaded the October 2012 Noose-letter to YouTube!

– Talk about BiTrektual‘s release. You can get the album at CDBaby and iTunes, among others.
– There is an alternate cover version of BiTrektual which is currently only available at shows.
Call of the Jersey Devil is being released by the book publisher Spencer Hill Press’s imprint Spence City. The book will be released worldwide in May 2013.
Odokuro is still on a festival run and has won several awards. It will be online in November once it’s finished its festival run.
– After a long delay, the Odokuro IndieGoGo-perk DVDs will be sent out very soon and should be arriving by the end of the month.
The Voltaire Webstore has BiTrektual t-shirts.
– He talks about upcoming shows, you can find them on Voltaire’s website.
– He also talks about Robin, who needs a new wheelchair. You can donate to help her get a chair and get more information on her IndieGogo page. Voltaire has given the campaign a big package of stuff for them to raffle off in order to raise more money, so if you’re interested in helping them buy a wheelchair for Robin and get an opportunity to win some rare Voltaire items at the same time you should “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

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