Vorutania Website & Forum Relaunch!

Vorutania is officially re-opened now!

Everything SHOULD be in working order at this point, but if you spot any broken images, broken links or other things that are generally broken, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know or even just leave a comment in the comment field below the news. 🙂

All of the old newsposts are not functional anymore, which is something that happened when they were moved from the old system to the new. This will not be fixed, but if anyone has any questions about older entries, feel free to ask about it and I’ll try to dig up sources or videos from them.

In addition to the website, there is also a NEW FORUM. The old forum got hacked and unfortunately I decided to move it to a free forum software for safety measures. All posts and old accounts got lost in this process, so if you were interested in it, you should definitively (re-)join the new forum.

The website also has added page on BiTrektual and the lyrics for the songs on the album.

And lastly, I just wanted to thank the people who’s visited the site during the move and tweaking periods for their patience. 🙂

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