What is Goth? was released in 2004 by Weiser Books.


What is Goth? Answers that very question with Voltaire’s dark brand of humor – even Goths might find themselves (gasp) smiling. This self-deprecating handbook to Goth culture and lifestyle is a guided tour through the Goth underworld of perpetual ennui and self-created drama. Voltaire skewers his world from the inside out with this humorous but compassionate look at the Goth scene.

Find your Goth name, generate a Gothic poem when you’re alone, and figure out how to interact with other Goths in conversation and at the clubs. Use this field guide to recognize a Goth and various Goth offshoots and subgenres by the way they dress and the music they listen to. See how you can be transformed with a Goth makeover, avoid the fashion faux pas of many Goth looks, and learn such classic dance steps as “pulling the evil taffy.”
Whenever you’re a Goth and just want a laugh; a mundane wondering what that gloomy, mpey, dressed-all-in-black thing is all about or a parent freaking out – What is Goth? is the answer.

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